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Terms & Conditions

BOOKINGS All bookings must be registered to an adult over the age of 21. Please advise the correct amount of guests (adults and children) upon booking. The guest, in whose name the booking is made, must be present at the property for the full duration of their stay. As part of our Duty of Care it is essential that we are aware of all occupants in a property. Please provide the names and email addresses of all those who will be occupying the property booked. A $75.00 non-refundable service fee is included in your rate. CREDIT CARD PAYMENT SURCHARGE CC payments will incur a 2.2% surcharge on all payments. A $500 security bond will be automatically held until the property has been checked after departure for additional cleaning or damages. If the property is left in poor condition, damage or extra cleaning is reported, Host Angel Noosa have the right to deduct the amount from your credit card. To secure a reservation a 50% deposit of the total tariff is required. The balance of payment is due 28 days prior to your arrival date. If the arrival date is within 28 days of making the booking, the total tariff including the booking fee must be paid to confirm the booking. For Resly direct credit card payments we will automatically deduct the balance of payment from your provided credit card information. Please remember there is a 2.2% charge for CC payments. If you wish to pay by direct deposit you must pay the balance into our account when due. Please use your name as a reference. If there are any technical issues relating to the calculation of the tariff, we have the right to cancel the booking. If the property is sold or withdrawn from the rental market we have the right to cancel the reservation. We are not responsible for errors on our booking website. We reserve the right to refuse any booking that Host Angel Noosa feels may be inappropriate. We do not accept any type of schoolies bookings. Absolutely no exceptions. When a booking is placed and the required deposit paid to confirm the booking, a confirmation email will be sent to the guest showing the date when the final payment is due. It is the guests responsibility to pay the balance of payment when due. If the final balance is not received at the due time, the booking may be automatically cancelled, and the initial 50% deposit paid may be forfeited to the property owner. CANCELLATIONS Any cancellation of a reservation must be notified to Host Angel Noosa in writing. Cancellations will result in forfeiture of monies paid by you in respect of the reservation. Once cancelled we will endeavour to re-book the dates of your reservation. If we are able to completely re-book the dates of your reservation at the current tariff for that period, we will refund any monies paid by you less the $75 booking fee and a $200 cancellation fee. If we need to offer a discounted rate to re-book the dates of your reservation, we will refund any monies paid by you less the difference between the rates minus the booking and cancellation fees. If we are not able to re-book the dates of your reservation, then all of the monies paid by you in respect of the reservation will be forfeited. CHECK IN Check in is from 2pm on your arrival date. No early check ins will be accepted without prior approval. Due to changeovers early check ins cannot be confirmed until 48 hours prior to arrival. CHECKOUT Checkout time is strictly 10am. Sorry, no late check outs will be granted. Prior to your departure from the property please ensure the dishwasher has been emptied, bins have been removed and all doors and windows are securely closed and locked up. Please follow the check out information in the compendium. It is your responsibility to ensure the house is secure upon your departure. Please clean the BBQ ($50 fee will applied if left in an unclean state). In the event the property is left in an excessively dirty or untidy state, an additional payment will be taken from your bond. Our cleaner will charge $44 per hour over a standard clean. We ask our guests to kindly respect our properties and treat them as if they were their own. If a Guest contracts a transmittable virus whilst occupying a Host Angel Noosa property, the guest will be liable for all costs of extra cleaning as required. BINS Please only dispose of rubbish in the external property bin you are staying in. Do not at any time dispose of rubbish in a neighbours bin. Please use the correct bin for the correct type of rubbish. The green top bin is to be used for garden waste only. OFFICE HOURS Our office hours are Monday – Friday, 9am – 4pm Saturday, 9am – 12noon Sunday, Closed Please do not contact Host Angel Noosa outside of business hours unless it is an emergency to avoid additional charges. PERSONAL PROPERTY We cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damage of any guest’s personal property. If items are left behind we will do our best to retrieve and post these items. Guests must pay to cover any time spent by a Host Angel Noosa staff member to retrieve the item and postage required. INJURY The property owner, host or property manager will not be responsible for any injury suffered to any guest, or visitors of a guest. NUMBER OF GUESTS Please ensure you advise us of the correct amount of guests (adults and children) that will be staying at the property at all times. Additional guests may incur extra charges. Guests must not exceed the maximum amount of guests the property sleeps at any time. SMOKING Smoking is NOT permitted inside any property. Most of our properties will allow smoking outside. Please ensure smokers stay 3 metres away from any doors or windows. Please do not smoke sitting on outside furniture. Please dispose of all butts responsibly. EQUIPMENT & APPLIANCE BREAKDOWNS Electrical appliances and A/C systems can and do occasionally break down or cease working. We are located in a remote area and parts can sometimes be delayed, or a technician is not available to inspect straight away. Please report any breakdown as soon as you can. Whilst every effort will be made to repair these items as soon as we can, no guarantee of their availability or serviceability for the duration of a stay is given. No refund or reduction in the rate will be granted should any electrical appliance or machine fail during your stay. We will not be held responsible for works or excessive noises near the accommodation. PETS If you wish to bring a pet with you on holiday, please confirm with us prior to your arrival. If the property is pet friendly a $50 pet fee (per pet) is applicable. Please follow the pet rules at all times. From time to time a pet may be accepted in a non pet friendly property. It is up to the discretion of the owner if they wish to charge a pet fee and what amount it will be. Noosa Council Requirements As per the new code of conduct Noosa Council have passed from the 1st of February we require the below for every guest over 18 years that will be staying / visiting the property: First and last names of all guests staying in the property Ages of adults and children Mobile number of each adult staying Reason for your stay Noosa Council Local Laws & Noise Restrictions Our local council has passed a new law for all holiday accommodation properties in the Shire from the 1st of February 2022. The law is mostly in regards to any type of excessive noise that will disturb our residential neighbours at any time but especially after 10pm at night. Excessive noise is deemed as loud talking, laughing or singing as well as loud music, screaming and shouting. Council has set up a 24/7 complaints hotline for local residents of Noosa to call should a guest not abide by the law. A member of the security company 'Good Night Noosa' must respond to complaints within 30 minutes, either via phone call or a visit to the property. If this occurs during your stay the charge for the call / callout will be submitted for payment to the main guest of the booking. Please remember these are not individual host rules but are Council law. Upon booking your contact information will be shared with 'Good Night Noosa' so they will be able to contact you should a complaint be made. These laws also include lights being left on at night, excessive car parking (or parking in front of neighbours properties) and use of other residents’ bins. Please ensure that you are aware of these laws as they have been agreed to in our terms and conditions. These laws also include lights being left on at night, excessive car parking (or parking on front of neighbours properties) and use of other residents' bins. Please ensure that you are aware of these laws as they have been agreed to in our terms and conditions. Where damage has occurred, whether accidental or otherwise, the additional cleaning and/or replacement costs will be charged from your bond. GOOD NIGHT NOOSA - SECURITY As per Noosa Council regulations we must action any neighbour / residential complaints within a 30 minute timeframe, 24/7. Out of office hours (5pm - 8am) our security company 'Good Night Noosa' can be contacted. Should they receive a complaint when the Council code of conduct has been breached they will contact the guests firstly by phone call and if they are unable to reach any guest a visit to the property will be required. The cost of their phone call / callout will be charged to the main guest on the booking. By agreeing to our terms and conditions you agree to share your contact information with our security company so we can comply with the code of conduct. KEYS We supply two sets of keys for each booking. Loss or damage of keys or remotes (where applicable) will be charged from your bond. CAR PARKING Please ensure you only use the allocated car parking space/s allocated to the property. Please do not obstruct our neighbours car spaces or garages at any time. Please do not block our neighbours driveways, garages or car ports at any time. SWIMMING POOLS Private pools – Please do not use between the hours of 8pm and 7am at night. Shared pools – Please abide by the individual hours set. ANTS AND BUGS Please remember that we are a beach side community and Noosa is built on a sand dune. Please respect our environment and understand that we cannot fully eradicate ants and other insects from the area. Insects are most active during the Spring and Summer months and we cannot be held responsible should you see encounter any during your stay. To keep them to a minimum please ensure windows and doors are closed, bins are emptied frequently and food is always kept stored away. You can purchase bug spray from Coles Supermarket. BODY CORPORATE BY-LAWS The guest(s) and all other occupants or visitors of the property will comply with all Body Corporate by-laws and rules applicable to the property or which regulate the behaviour of occupants of the property.