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Terms & Conditions

I understand and agree that upon completing this booking I will be responsible for the full payment of the accommodation and/or services provided by Southern Cross Atrium Apartments. This includes any DAMAGES, REPAIRS and REPLACEMENTS required as a consequence of accidental damage or misuse of any item either belonging to the unit or Body Corporate of Southern Cross Atrium Apartments (This also applies to any invitee that I may bring on to the premises). I acknowledge that it is also a condition of my occupancy that the owners of the premises are not liable for any damage or loss to my personal property, this includes any guests I may bring onto the property. I understand that my room key(s) should be returned to the Reception on the departure day; failure to do so may incur a replacement charge $300.00 AUD per lock. I hereby authorise 'Southern Cross Atrium Apartments to charge my credit card account for any amounts outstanding as per the above at the time of my departure.